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Taking hospitality to new heights

Moved bride hugging her friends

Hospitality is our philosphy

More than just a service, at Prior we connect with our clients on an emotionnal level. From understanding your every wishes to the prepping of the venue, we make everything possible to help you attain your dreams and move your audience.

From bridal services to hospitality business...

Prior's brand is its workforce

At Prior we are customer focused. From our amenities to our services, we strive to bring you the best of our specialities and give you full satisfaction.


Management stance

Smiling hairdresser attending to a smiling bride


Maitre d'hotel presenting the dish to his guests


Chef dressing his dish


Wedding ceremonies are an ode to life

We at Prior believe that wedding parties are here to support you onward. The ceremony is not a goal in itself, it's a stepping stone that will support you in your life together.

"Even today after 40 years, my feelings about my wedding ceremony remain unchanged. I left my "until now" self , and started my "from now on" self. Wedding is not just an announcement to the world, it's an important day to celebrate, a day to commemorate life, a day to look back to, and once again tell those who have taken care of us until now how grateful we are. It's a day to strengthen bonds, it's a day to remember." Kenzo Matsui - CEO & Chairman

Our history

The adventure began 62 years ago in a small Soba shop in Isesaki. Now located in 5 prefectures with 11 wedding venues, 4 restaurants and a dress shop to keep bringing you emotions and smile.