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Raising inspiring specialists

We, at Prior Holdings are always improving to provide our customers world-class hospitality and enable them to reach to their dreams and deepest emotions. Prior does not just sell a service, it's a business that shares a vision, a common purpose with its clientele. We started as a wedding business to provide dreams and emotions. We raise inspiring specialists.

Rikunabi 2020 (JP)
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What we are looking for in our employees

New recruits extend our brand

At Prior Holdings, employees are not only a workforce, they are the face of the company. Because by interacting with our customers, each and everyone of us become Prior's flag bearer.

Our services

To pursue authenticity

Prior Holdings's Prior is rooted to its latin figurative origin of "first-class". To maintain its "first-class" status, Prior is always in pursuit of authenticity. Because authenticity is tightly gripped with history, it is "prior" to its competitor and therefore "superior", "first-class". Not stopping at our authentic dishes and amenities, we believe that our employees must also embrace this authenticity to bring "first-class" services to our clients.

Our philosophy
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Eneko Atxa adding the finishing touch to an elaborate dish
Tree branch's shadow swinging by the wind
If you have met 100 people in your life, that's 100 different lives, families and circles of friends. What makes my clients happy, what make them sad, what challenge have they gone through in their life, what encounter left an impression on them ? By listening to their story, I can create alongside them an original wedding that fits their narrative. Since your wedding day is a once in a life experience, the job requires you to always give 100% but it's a challenge I enjoy overcoming. Being the architect of this once in a lifetime event is a huge responsability but also a great pride. I especially cherish the moment when the guests come to me to tell me they enjoyed the ceremony so much that they want me to be their wedding coordinator when they marry. Doing a job that does not let you enter repeater mode and being in direct contact with my clients' life encourages me to keep doing my best. Miyagawa Mariko
I am working at the reception desk at our ENEKO Tokyo restaurant. I also manage human ressources and all international related business partnerships. Being a receptionist at ENEKO Tokyo, I welcome the guests and introduce them to the ENEKO experience in our green house. My task as a human ressources asset is to recruit and form foreigners to ENEKO Tokyo's services. Fluent in 4 languages I'm also in charge of translating and interpreting for our international partners whether it's oversea or in Japan. To work with so many people, so many nationalities, cultures and to be able to transmit my own experience to customers and new recruits alike is my greatest pleasure. Russo Giuseppe
During weekends, I'm in charge of the bride's hair set and make up but during the week, my activities range from meetings with the future bride about the hairmake, esthecian sessions or pre-wedding photos' beauty treatment. My work scope is however not exclusive to wedding activities : I also do hairsets, make up and esthetician session for women who just want to be prettier. Because the wedding day is such a special event, I want to help the bride look her best for when she will walk down the aisle. It's a lot of pressure but also very rewarding. I also have experience as a wedding planner which allow me to have a larger vision of my clients' needs. Fukasawa Yuriko

Specialist team

Our specialist team provide our customers with "first-class" hospitality and let them experience the best day of their life.

  • Wedding producer
  • Wedding coordinator
  • Maître d'hôtel
  • Visagiste (dress・makeup)
  • Cooks
  • Reception staff
  • Sommelier
  • Patissier
  • Chef
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Japanese and foreigner alike gathering around for a pre-event meeting
  • Marketing manager
  • Brand manager
  • Communication manager
  • Project manager
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Maitre d'hotel showing the champagne etiquette 「La Belle」