Whenhospitalitymeets emotion.


Prior creates unique
and memorable moments

Prior finds its roots all the way back to a small soba shop.
From Omura Soba, founded in 1957 to our first weddings in 1972 to our first restaurant in 2005, Prior is strong of 47 years of experience in the entertainement industry. As of today, Prior boast itself with partnerships with some of the best michelin starred chefs in the world, from sicilian cuisine to french and basque gastronomy. We do not only offer a taste of some of the best mediterranean food, we also bring the culture and everything around it with us. From the atmosphere to the service all the way to your plate, we thrive to offer our clients an authentic experience.
Once you step a foot inside a Prior facility, you become family and we treat you as such. We do not stop until you are 100% satisfied with the service and facilities we offer. Because we believe that to impress our clients, we must first be impressed ourselves by the service we offer, we thrive to always bring you the best Europe and Japan has to offer. In order to do so, we do not hesitate to send our staff oversea to learn with the best and bring back new ideas.
Finally, in order to keep such a high level service, we believe that four qualities are essential to our employees : hospitality, because we treat every client as family, rigor, because clean work is always better, passion, because we need to love what we do to give our best, and challenge seeking, because it's by stepping out of our boundaries that we improve.

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Gunma, Ota-shi, Higashishin-machi 354-3